Gaumee Vindhu

  Written by: Ali Assad Dr. Afrasheem Ali was controversially one of the most prominent Muslim scholars in recent history of Maldives. His fascinating style of revealing Islam through argumentative answers lured a huge fan base, while creating an ever-growing number of hardliners hell-bent in staining his credibility and even disowning him as a Muslim. The way Dr. Afrasheem portrayed his religious answers using critical thinking; the Quran, Sunnah of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and analyzing the views of major imams/scholars of Islam was astoundingly beautiful. […]

Written by: Ali Assad Is President Nasheed a friend or foe of Israel? Let’s dive in and see the famous Island President for what he truly believes in based on facts and facts only. Maldives and Israel first established diplomatic relations in 1965, the year in which Maldives gained independence and joined United Nations. Many countries were opposed to such a small nation joining the UN and it is widely believed that Maldives made a symbiotic diplomatic deal with Israel for acceptance in the UN. […]

Written by: Ali Assad Amal Alamuddin Clooney has been twirling her fingers around US foreign policy in Maldives. Like most human rights activists’ wildest dreams, Amal’s resume reads working for the UN, defending ambassadors and heads of states. The term “human rights lawyer” is sometimes misunderstood by the general public to mean an “angel.” Her list of clients whose human rights violations make it clear that she is their defense lawyer, not prosecutor. Questionable characters like the King of Bahrain, Abdullah al Senussi and Mohamed […]

F funn “FIHKAN”

Written By Ali Assad What does the title mean? Nothing. Absolutely and utterly nonsense, just like the ridiculous propaganda spread by President Nasheed’s loyalists regarding the investments in Faafu atoll. Is it a spelling mistake? Definitely not, and done deliberately in search of attention, just like MDP that is fooling the Maldivians with false information and lies regarding Faafu Atoll mega projects. Was the writer trying to use a “V” instead of the “F” in “Fihkan”, which would mean selling in Dhivehi. The answer is […]

WHO sold Maldives?

Written by Ali Assad Selling Maldives for personal gain, whether for wealth and power or for any other reason, is sadly something our generation has witnessed. In 1988, there was an attempt by a group of Maldivians masterminded by Sikka Ahmed Ismail Maniku (former President Nasheed’s in-law) to seize Maldives with 80 armed mercenaries of a Tamil secessionist organisation from Sri Lanka. It is believed that Sikka Ahmed agreed to provide the People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) a support base in Maldives to […]

Written by Mohamed Abdullah The role of UK Conservative Party influence on Maldives politics and development efforts has to be recognized and appreciated. Conservative Party activist David Hardingham is a British-based reform activist, missionary, aid organiser and entrepreneur who studied at Dauntsey’s School in UK with President Nasheed. He was founder of the human rights activist organisation Friends of Maldives (FOM), also the co-founder of Minivan Radio and trustee of the UK registered charity Maldives Aid. He was appointed the Honorary Consul for the Maldives […]

Written by Ali Assad Take a swim in the pages of recent history of Maldives and drift with time. Historically, Maldives was a favourite stop-over on the busy marine trade routes & had strategic importance because of its location in the Indian Ocean. Maldivians traded with Arabia, China and India with coconut, coir rope, dried fish, ambergris and above all the precious cowry shell, used throughout Asia and parts of the East African coast as a currency. For the opportunistic colonial powers, Maldives was an […]

Mr. Mohamed Nasheed has disclosed in an interview given to local newspapers that a coup will happen in Maldives before 2018. This spectacular revelation only raised more questions. The five W’s, “what”, “who”, “where”, “when” and “why”, were left thirsty for answers. Nevertheless, it must be sweet music to the ears of thousands of Nasheed’s supporters. Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has been going through every nook and cranny to find a way to rescue Nasheed from his jail sentence. Recent announcement by Nasheed to compete […]


To some, what happened in Maldives on 7th February 2012 is bigger than the mystery of Kennedy assassination or Loch Ness monster. For some the reality is as easy as telling blind folded whether the zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes -definitely a Coup d’état. The political quarrels led to the formulation of a Commission of National Inquiry (CONI) with the supervision and backing of United Nations and Commonwealth, which revealed that Mr. Mohamed Nasheed resigned on his own free […]

By: MA   The UNHRC Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) has given the recommendation to release Colonel (Rtd.) Nazim. Is this binding on the government of Maldives and does the constitution of Maldives allow such actions? Undoubtedly, the WGAD can only give recommendations, it does not have the authority to go above the Maldivian constitution. Even in Julian Assange case the UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Philip Hammond, rejected the group verdict and called the group’s claims irrelevant stating that […]

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