Al Jareema – Stealing Paradise or whitewashing the DEVIL


Al Jareema’s Investigative Unit of Vindhu uncovers a world of bias cult fanaticism in the depths of Al Jazeera; where millions have been fooled and justice blinded.

Investigating Will Jordan – according to Al Jazeera website “Will Jordan is a Doha-based Investigative Producer. Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787 was his first project as a reporter for the Investigative Unit. Will has worked on many of the network’s major exclusives, leading the release of Pakistan’s Bin Laden Dossier and producing Killing Arafat, which investigated the cause of death of the late Palestinian leader. He also helped produce The Palestine Papers, which revealed more than 1,500 documents charting the Arab-Israeli peace process. He is from the United Kingdom and has previously worked for Channel 4 News at ITN and the BBC”.

His work as an editor in Nasheed’s Minivan News is not referred.

Unlike most foreign supporters of Nasheed, Will does not promote Islamophobia and also does pro Palestine tweets. Therefore, the idol worshipping love affair between them is ironically almost funny because Nasheed is the only Muslim president who voted in Israels’ favour, in UNESCO Palestine membership vote and he is also loved by a Western audience of Islamophobes for his anti-Muslim bigotry.

A close associate of President Mahmoud Abbas, living in Male’, on the condition of anonymity revealed that during Mr. Abbas visit to Maldives, Nasheed was very direct and forthcoming, telling him upfront that due to Western pressure it was difficult to support the Palestine cause.

Where the difference part and their hands join in togetherness is of their harsh criticism of Saudi Arabia. Will tweets reflects this and this is also reflected from Nasheeds’ speeches, especially the interview in Denmark. Will is also against the weak human rights record of China, while Nasheed is not so open on this issue but subtler by expressing more closure ties and stronger relations with India. Both are environmental activists.

Like Will, Nasheed is also a human rights and democracy advocate. That’s where this love marriage parts ways again. While Will is more true to the cause Nasheed proved to be an imposter. A wolf in democracy clothing.

President Barrack Obama summed up Nasheed nicely “There are some who advocate for democracy only when they are out of power. Once in power, they are ruthless in suppressing the rights of others.”

The physiological dilemma facing Will must be unbearable, when confronting the facts that his idol and champion of democracy, kidnapped a serving judge without a court order by the army and held him in detention at an army post while hiding his whereabouts for 72 hours. He self-confessed to his crimes in local and international media. Refused to obey rulings by Human Right Commission and Supreme Court. Locked up Supreme Court. The Washington Post on 11 May 2011 labelled his crack down on opposition as the “crackdown of the decade”. He jailed all opposition leaders including Jumhoree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim, former Vice President Jameel, current President Yameen, Speaker of Parliament Nazim, just to name a few high profile cases.

He violated the constitution by appointing 8 presidential parliament members. His family and friends were appointed to the cabinet and high posts in government. In addition to gangs, jailed thugs were released under a special program without due probation to threaten opposition.

To include all of his crimes against democracy and human rights a separate article will be most suitable.

We also checked the rumors that Ms. Zaheena was having an affair with Will. However, we did not find a shred of evidence to prove this political hogwash.

Basically we found out that Will is a great guy but with a pervert blind addiction to Nasheed.

The article we dedicate to Will – ‘You are television incarnate, Diana…all of life is reduced to the common rubble of banality.’

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