F funn “FIHKAN”


Written By Ali Assad

What does the title mean? Nothing. Absolutely and utterly nonsense, just like the ridiculous propaganda spread by President Nasheed’s loyalists regarding the investments in Faafu atoll. Is it a spelling mistake? Definitely not, and done deliberately in search of attention, just like MDP that is fooling the Maldivians with false information and lies regarding Faafu Atoll mega projects. Was the writer trying to use a “V” instead of the “F” in “Fihkan”, which would mean selling in Dhivehi. The answer is NO, the title is just a symbol that signifies the ridiculous theories of the opposition.

On a more serious note, is President Yameen selling Maldives to Saudi Arabia?

The real facts are that under the amendments to the constitution; for bid specific projects approved by the government of an investment that exceeds USD 1 Billion, 70 percent of land has to be reclaimed to be awarded freehold ownership rights, to a quantity of land that does not exceed 10 percent of total Maldivian land at any given time.

Maldivian law and constitution will always apply, whether given on lease for 99 years or awarded on freehold ownership rights.

Maldives is 99 percent sea. Is President Yameen selling the remaining 1 percent?

The answer is a big NO. What is happening in these mega billion dollar projects is that 70 percent of land has to be created to get freehold rights. The amount of land that can be awarded at any given time will be less than 10 percent of this “1 percent” of total land mass of Maldives.

President Yameen is talking about a 10 billion dollars’ project, that in monetary terms is enough money to double the already existing Maldivian land.

The amendment to the constitution was passed with opposition MDP’s support. Then why all the fuss NOW, when a Muslim leader proposes to invest? Is it because it will almost end Western Influence on Maldives? Is it because Saudi Arabia is a 100 percent Muslim nation? Is it because MDP leadership is influenced by Christians missionaries that contradicts the Islamic status of Maldives? Why is MDP not talking about Iheaven project?

Whatever the answer, ten billion dollars means more development to Maldives than the total development of the past century.

Does Saudi Arabia have any vested interest in Maldives? Saudi Arabia neither have any conflicts or strategic geographic interest in the region. Unlike other countries Saudi Arabia is the only 100% Muslim nation in the world other than Maldives. Similar to Maldives, Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim nation. The only interest Saudi Arabia has is protecting its twin smaller Muslim brother.

Is TEN BILLION DOLLARS almost equal to the recent past’s 10 YEARS total Maldives’ budget? Why not find out for yourself?

Then why is the opposition, especially President Nasheed, so exaggeratedly, and quite melodramatically vexed about Saudi Arabia? Is it because President Nasheed is losing hope by the growing bilateral ties of Maldives-Saudi Arabia, to accomplish the one and only precondition for him to come back to power, that is allowing Christianity in Maldives?

The answer might not be limited to one reason, but definitely it is also because that a ten-billion-dollar project is a sure sign that the incumbent President Yameen will win the 2018 presidential race. Insha Allah.


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