Gaumee Vindhu


The stillborn brainchild of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, the strategic mastermind of the metaphorically paradise nation–Maldives, has surpassed its life span from its origin to germinate and take root into the wants of the numerous residents whom possess at least a formidable form of intellectual insight. Even in today’s age of such fluctuating political ideology, the idea is still thriving with greater speed and intensity than that of an epidemic. It has, with great amplification of its imperative nature, successfully invaded these minds such […]


Maldives has experienced its fair share of a few turbulent storms of failed leaders and many sunnier prosperities of outstanding leaderships. Development came like gentle waves washing ashore on the beautiful white sandy beaches, never consistent but like the changing tides persistent and tirelessly, through the efforts of many of its great leaders and friendly hardworking people. As most will agree, the past is just nothing more than a fading shadow of the future. Let me shine a light at the umbra of recent Maldivian […]

House of “Kaadu”

      What every Maldivian household relies on is the subsidised essentials of “Kaadu” – flour, rice & sugar. Without doubt the sudden removal of subsidies from the above goods has even raised eyebrows within the government and created opportunities for opposition to rally against the government. The big question is “Is removing subsidies a good policy or a bad move?” Politically it is suicidal for the government, especially at a time when local counsel campaign is looming ahead. Enforcing an unpopular but essential […]

Whose Commonwealth?

A collection of not very important states brought together by the unhappy accident of having been colonized by the English. It is a British consolation prize for the loss of an empire. More surprising is that Commonwealth exists because it can be viewed as a byproduct of anti-colonial resentment that hastened the demise of the British Empire. After World War II British Empire was gradually dismantled and Commonwealth can be seen as a stepping stone in the decolonization process, a futile last grip to withhold […]

Al Jareema’s Investigative Unit of Vindhu uncovers a world of bias cult fanaticism in the depths of Al Jazeera; where millions have been fooled and justice blinded. Investigating Will Jordan – according to Al Jazeera website “Will Jordan is a Doha-based Investigative Producer. Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787 was his first project as a reporter for the Investigative Unit. Will has worked on many of the network’s major exclusives, leading the release of Pakistan’s Bin Laden Dossier and producing Killing Arafat, which investigated the cause […]

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